Engagio launches PlayMaker to turn B2B marketing insights into action items

Engagio, the B2B marketing platform built by Marketo founder Jon Miller, is about a year old and performing well. The company has 36 clients and is operating at $675,000 in recurring annual revenue.

But now is no time for the company to rest on its laurels.

Today, Engagio is introducing a new product into the mix called PlayMaker.

For the past year, Engagio has been offering insights and progress tracking tools for B2B marketing teams. Miller likens it to fishing with spears instead of a net.

The idea is that B2B marketing isn’t about the total reach of a campaign, but about progress toward securing an account and the blessing of the decision-maker on that account. Marketing teams were able to track the progress of that campaign to see how close they were to the decision-maker.

With the PlayMaker, Engagio is turning those insights into action items.

Marketers (and sales teams) can work together to coordinate their efforts toward securing a corporate account. In many cases, there are more than a handful of people on a certain marketing/sales team that are pitching to another large team of people. The PlayMaker allows everyone on the team to build out tasks (emails, handwritten notes, gift baskets, social media outreach, etc.) and then track those tasks as they are completed.

It also automates a good deal of the process. Users can build templates for certain emails, personalize them, and schedule them to go out to the right person at the right time.

And beyond that, Engagio’s PlayMaker hooks into the email server of its users so the whole team can see when they’ve gotten a response. This ensures that no one doubles up on various tasks and that users understand to stop the next round of outreach and move on from trying to get a response to securing the deal.

Paired with Engagio’s original product, marketing and sales teams can not only track their work on various campaigns, but they can let go of some of the heavy lifting of those campaigns altogether.

Companies can purchase the original product and the playmaker separately or together, though Engagio alone runs on an annual subscription SaaS model, whereas the PlayMaker is priced on a per-seat basis.

Miller says the greatest challenge transitioning to this product is communicating with sales teams. As a company that has primarily been focused on marketers, Engagio now has the challenge of transitioning their sales pitch over to sales teams as well. Luckily, the company has built plenty of software to help them out.

If you want to learn more about Engagio, you can check out the website right here.