Huawei’s opulent jewel-encrusted smartwatches are now available in the US, starting at $500

Perhaps you missed the excitement in amongst the deluge of gadget news that is the International Consumer Electronics Show, but back in January Chinese handset maker Huawei introduced this pair of strange specimens.

The incredibly unsubtly named Elegant and Jewel are the company’s shot at appealing directly to female smartwatch owners. That said, the wearables aren’t too large a departure from the standard Huawei Watch, save for thinner watch straps and the titular shiny aesthetics.

The Elegant (real name, I double and triple checked) features a rose-gold plated body (not unlike a certain new laptop) and the Jewel has a bunch of Swarovski Zirconia crystals running around its face.

“It complements outfits for any occasion, whether it’s an important business meeting or gala of the season,” according to Huawei.   Sadly, their availability just missed the Met’s technology-themed Gala. There’s always next year, I guess.

Beneath all of the “heirloom-worthy” flash is a standard Android Wear smartwatch – albeit one that costs $500 to $600, depending on your preference for zirconia. The watches are available now through Amazon, Best Buy, and other retail locations, “just in time for Mother’s Day.”