GoPro releases a pair of mobile video editing apps

GoPro is going more mobile. Today the company announced two new mobile apps — one creates GoPro-ish videos automatically and the other gives the user more control. Both are free and both are welcome additions to the GoPro ecosystem.

These apps might sound familiar. Earlier this year, GoPro purchased the teams behind Quik and Splice and have relaunched the apps with several updates but they seem to be similar to earlier editions. Quik is available on Android and iOS devices while Splice is only for iOS.

Quik automatically syncs video clips and photos to music while Splice offers a lot more control. GoPro says in a press release that with Splice, fully customizable and professional-looking videos can be made in just minutes — including adding text, transitions, trimming clips and adding effects like slo-mo. Splice even includes a library of music.

GoPro has long needed proper mobile editing software and these two apps should address that need. But is it too late? GoPro must now market this mobile editing suite. If done properly, it might even convince some existing users to dig their GoPro out of the junk drawer and give it another go at recording their mundane life.