Sell your clothing and electronics with these apps

Are you looking to clean out your closet and make money while doing it? You no longer have to haul your used items to a consignment shop. A number of apps have made selling used things easier than ever, and we’re not talking about eBay. TechCrunch tested out and chose our favorite apps for spring cleaning.


Poshmark is basically an Instagram for selling your clothing. Take a photo of your stuff, list a suggested price and share it with your friends. You can also build up followers and search for things by category. From dresses to handbags to jewelry, Poshmark has a wide selection of women’s items. And now they are expanding to kids and male belongings. In addition to people, follow brands and boutiques to find clothes to fill the newfound space in your closet. It’s not just used items. Poshmark features brand new stuff, too. The app is free and available on iPhone and Android.





With thredUP, making money off old clothes is as easy as putting them in a bag. At your request, the company will send you postmarked packaging and all you have to do is seal it with your stuff. Check the thredUP app to see which brands are accepted. Kate Spade is a yes, Chico’s is a no. But don’t expect to make more than a few dollars per item. The startup will pay you a percentage of what gets sold. And if it doesn’t sell, it gets recycled, or you can take everything back for $12.99. The app is free and on iOS and Android.



Forget clothing, if you are looking to rid yourself of brooms and baseball bats, OfferUp is for you. The Craigslist competitor has introduced auction-style listings to help you sell your knickknacks to the highest bidder. Just take a photo of the item and assign a category such as furniture or electronics. OfferUp makes it easy to sort inquiries by the highest bid and message prospective buyers. (I tried out OfferUp when I moved across the country and I had people bidding on my trash can)! But beware, many posts stop generating interest the next day, so be sure to take those offers while they’re hot. The app is free and available on iOS and Android.