Bolt Threads, Modern Meadow CEOs to speak at Disrupt NY 2016

The future of fashion isn’t all about internet-connectivity and electronics. A huge amount of innovation is needed in the realm of materials science and manufacturing to meet the fashion demands of a burgeoning world population without exhausting the planet’s resources.

Two of the most intriguing companies bringing advanced tech and science to the materials side of fashion today are Modern Meadow and Bolt Threads.

Through bioengineering, Modern Meadow is figuring out ways to brew leather from a few cells in a laboratory, instead of raising and killing livestock.

And Bolt Threads is making spider silk, a mass-producible textile which is more elastic than rubber bands and stronger than steel.

Such materials could completely transform the way our sports apparel, luggage, shoes and accessories, street and couture fashions, and furnishings feel and perform– all without a single, wearable LED or flexible circuit.

We’re delighted that Modern Meadow CEO Andras Forgacs and Bolt Threads CEO Dan Widmaier will be joining us at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in Brooklyn to discuss the potential impact of bioengineering on the fashion industry, as well as the inspiration and science behind their startups.