OMGYES is a video platform that helps women achieve orgasm

I know that sounds like porn, but in reality OMGYES is actually an education platform.

The startup is tackling a subject that’s still shockingly taboo with concrete research and user-friendly content to teach women (and their partners) how to get to climax.

The startup got its start with more than 1000 in-depth interviews with women over Skype, learning about techniques, rhythms and methods that worked for real women. They then sought help from researchers at Indiana University,

With the help from researchers at Indiana University and the Kinsey Institute, who surveyed more than 1,000 women aged 18 to 95 to understand what women really want in bed.

While this research didn’t exist before, distributing that information like traditional research finding wouldn’t do much to help women understand. So OMGYES transformed that information into videos that include real women sharing what works for them. Graphically.

The web app also comes with interactive graphics that let you check out specific techniques with varying levels of intensity and speed. With a touchscreen device, like a smartphone or tablet, users can even practice these moves via touch.

The company has released a first season of video focused on clitoral stimulation, with 11 videos including Edging, Accenting, and Orbiting.

To access these videos, users pay a flat fee of $29, with more seasons on the way. These seasons will each focus on a different form of pleasure, and the company has long-term plans to introduce other verticals, as well, such as men’s pleasure.

Most of the other content around this subject is either over-generalized or downright inaccurate. OMGYES is filling a space that is usually occupied by a particularly uncomfortable mother or inexperienced friends.

In the four months that Season 1 has been available, OMGYES has seen nearly 50,000 subscribers.

You can learn more about OMGYES right here.