mNectar introduces force touch to its playable ads

mNectar allows mobile game developers to promote their games with ads that people can actually play before downloading. That means its technology needs to evolve with the games, so now it’s announcing support for force touch interactions.

Also known as 3D touch, the term refers to touch interfaces that are affected by the amount of pressure applied by the user.

mNectar CEO Wally Nguyen said that while most games aren’t taking advantage of these capabilities, “We believe this is the future of gaming.”

That’s because force touch¬†unlocks a whole new set of possible interactions and gives the touchscreen something like the versatility of a console game controller. You can see mNectar’s playable version of a Kabam game with force touch in the video below (though sadly, you don’t get to see the player frantically hitting their screen).

COC-Kabam from mNectar on Vimeo.

Plus, Nguyen suggested that by embracing force touch early, developers will be able to able to stand out from the competition.

He also discussed the broader world of playable ads, where big companies like Google are getting involved.¬†Nguyen argued that mNectar still has a big advantage over the competition because it doesn’t require any custom work for developers, and because it has invested in the infrastructure to deliver a high-quality playing experience, even over slower cell networks.