Focusbook helps you fight your Facebook addiction

Ever found yourself wasting hours down a Facebook rabbit hole? Of course, it happens to us all here and there. If you’re addicted to Facebook or prone to getting lost in the bowels of your newsfeed, then Focusbook is a neat Chrome plug-in that might help.

The concept is simple. You scale back your Facebooking by setting a specific purpose for each session and sticking to it. That’s the aim, at least.

Once installed, Focusbook will ask why you want to visit Facebook every time you navigate to the site. Then, using a regular pop-up and descending blue mist, it regularly reminds you that you’re probably already done and it’s time to get back to other things.

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Focusbook won’t cure everyone — there’s still Facebook’s mobile apps and their attention-grabbing notifications — but it might make you aware just how much time the social network eats up.

If you want to go a step further but still use some parts of Facebook on desktop, you could opt for the clean and clutter-free site or other extensions that kill the newsfeed on

Happy Interneting!