Product Hunt gets a desktop app for Mac

Everything seems to be going mobile these days, but the Product Hunt community actually uses their desktops more for finding and upvoting products they find online says founder Ryan Hoover.

So to keep hunters happy, the Product Hunt team introduced a new Mac desktop app today.

The desktop version is pretty close to the online and mobile apps, but with a few tweaks for desktop-friendliness. The new app will live on your computer menu bar and you’ll need to click the “P” icon to view the day’s most upvoted products, games, podcasts, and books on the platform. 

Like the online version, you’ll also see the day’s most popular additions appear at the top of the feed.

Sure, it’s easy to just go online, but now you can hunt right on your desktop if you want. It’s all about choices here. Plus, desktop apps have made a comeback in the last few years with Spotify, Slack, and others easily accessible and able to run in the background while we go about our busy computer business.

I’m not crazy about opening the floodgates to notification land (which desktop apps tend to do), but the new PH desktop app will make it easier to click and run in the background should you need to hunt something instantly or just want to keep up with the latest items.

The app is available for download at and open-sourced on GitHub so others can improve it with the Product Hunt dev team.