Here are some great improvements that should be in iOS 10

Let’s be honest, most concept videos suck. They show you an imaginary device that looks nothing like the final product and defy the laws of physics. But some software concept videos tick all the right boxes, like this one from MacStories.

Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett teamed up to create the iOS 10 concept video above. It’s a beautified wish list for the upcoming release of iOS. While Apple is probably going to unveil iOS 10 at WWDC on June 13, it’s good to think about where Apple could go. And I’d definitely love to see iOS evolve into this direction.

There are some simple things like a customizable control center with 3D Touch shortcuts, link previews in Messages and a better Split View interface. But Viticci also thought about ways to make multitasking and Siri more powerful with nice UI tricks that definitely feel like iOS. Some feature implementations aren’t obvious and make you think “that’s neat!”

Anyway it’s worth watching and head over to MacStories for the full write-up with features I haven’t mentioned.