Mike Arrington takes on reduced role at CrunchFund

Michael Arrington — who famously co-founded TechCrunch in 2005 and just as famously parted ways with the outlet in 2011, one year after selling it to AOL — is now taking on a reduced role at the venture fund that he co-founded when he left TC.

After an SEC filing surfaced earlier today showing that CrunchFund is targeting $40 million for its third fund and even more notably not listing Arrington as a “related person,” he told Fortune that he’s stepping back to focus on his health.

“I don’t have cancer or anything, please don’t make it sound so serious,” he said, adding that he’ll continue to lead some deals for CrunchFund, as well as advise some of its portfolio companies.

Arrington had founded CrunchFund with his college friend (and longtime VC) Pat Gallagher, along with M.G. Siegler, a star writer at TechCrunch who Arrington recruited. In 2013, Siegler left CrunchFund to join Google Ventures, now called GV.

CrunchFund has invested in hundreds of companies, including Yammer (sold to Microsoft for $1.2 billion) and still privately held Airbnb, Uber and Codecademy.

Whether Gallagher, the sole person listed on CrunchFund’s newest filing, will be filling out the team with another hire remains to be seen. Gallagher did not respond to an email sent earlier this afternoon; a call to Arrington this afternoon hasn’t been returned.