Google Keep gets support for #labels and a new Chrome extension

Keep, Google’s note-taking service, is getting an update today that introduces support for hashtag-style labels and an updated Chrome extension that will make it easier to save links to sites and add notes right from the browser. None of these updates are revolutionary, but they are definitely welcome additions to a service that is essentially Google’s version of Apple’s Notes app on iOS and Microsoft’s OneNote (though OneNote offers a far richer feature set).

Just like Inbox got a new Chrome extension today, Keep is also getting a new one today. This could get a bit confusing because there is already another Keep app in the Chrome Web Store, but that one simply creates a link to the Keep Chrome App in Google’s now-retired App Launcher (which is probably why we are now seeing the company launch all these new extensions).


On Android, Keep users will now be able to use the system-wide “Share via” menu to create notes from virtually any app (including Chrome).

The other major new feature in this update is support for #labels. Once you’ve started using these in a few notes, Keep will start auto-completing your hashtags for you.

In addition, Google says it moved a few menu items around to make them easier to find and group similar options together. It’s not a huge change, but if you are a heavy Keep user, chances are you’ll feel slightly disoriented for a while after installing this update.

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