New smart mattress will tell you if your partner is cheating

A mattress company out of Spain is marketing a new smart mattress, brilliantly named ‘Smartress’, that detects whenever the bed is in “use.” As you likely realize, the main purpose of this is to see if your partner is cheating on you.

And the video promoting the smart mattress isn’t shy about that functionality.

The mattress by Durmet has sensors embedded in it to detect motion and which parts of the bed are being ‘used.’

Of course, there are far less expensive or more accurate ways to determine if your partner is cheating on you, like installing a camera. Or, for free, you can almost certainly detect infidelity by acquiring your SO’s smartphone password.

But that’s not quite as dramatic as the Smartress.

(Side note: Can you imagine finding out that your partner is cheating from a phone notification that tells you that your bed is bumpin’?)

Re/code got in touch with a representative from Durmet that the 10-employee company is currently in the manufacturing process for the Smartress.

You can learn more about the smart mattress here.