Google now lets you design custom cases for your Nexus phones

Google is launching a new service today that allows you to create $35 custom cases for its Nexus 5X, 6 and 6P phones.

You can choose between two variations of the Live Cases. One allows you to pick any photo and print it onto your case. The other lets you design and print a stylized map with the help of Google Maps. Both variations allow you to select a couple of filters and other styling options to personalize your case even more.

There is a bit of tech built into these cases, as well. Google says there is a programmable shortcut button on the back of the case that will allow you to launch your favorite app with a single click. As far as I can see, Google is using NFC to power this feature.

Once you’ve created and ordered your case, Google will also let you download a wallpaper with the same design.

I haven’t used a phone case for a very long time now — and I can’t quite see myself using a photo case — but those map cases do look nice, especially after you apply a filter. If you really can’t live without brandishing a photo of your cat every time you pull out your phone, though, a photo case is probably the way to go.

At $35, Google’s case costs just about as much — and often a little bit less — than competing services. Many of these, however, don’t support the Nexus line and they don’t give you an extra shortcut button for your phone, either.