Tesla launches new Model S with updated design

This is the new Tesla Model S. And it looks like a Model S, but slightly different — gone is the false grille. The new Model S features a Model X-like nose, in line with the recently announced Model 3. Instead, Tesla has opted for a subtle mustache-like black T like the one on the Model X.

But the company didn’t stop there. The tail lights have been slightly updated as well. This change isn’t as daring, but the tail lights have darker areas.

Under the hood, Tesla is adding a couple of new features. The Model S will be getting the HEPA air filtration system from the Model X. The charger will also be faster at 48 amps instead of 40 amps.

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Finally, Tesla is also releasing two new wood interior designs, ”Figured Ash Wood Décor” and “Dark Ash Wood Décor.” Sounds fancy.

The new Tesla Model S is already available on Tesla’s official website in case you want to play with the configuration tools. It starts at $67,400, but you can pay up to $128,900 in case you really need to spend as much money as possible on a car.

Model S Update - 4