Mobile publishing and monetization startup Marfeel adds support for Facebook’s Instant Articles

Marfeel, a startup that helps publishers adapt to mobile, now supports publishing Instant Articles on Facebook.

That might not sound like a big breakthrough — basically, it just means Marfeel can repackage articles for Facebook’s new, native publishing format. However, it illustrates today’s mobile strategy means much more than just creating a mobile website or app.

“We are actually a 360-degree solution,” said Marfeel CEO Xavi Beumala. “This is part of what we’ve been doing — making publisher’s content available across any channel where audiences can be.”

Publishers can use Marfeel to incorporate Instant Articles as part of their broader mobile strategy (the company also added support for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages project in February) so they can see how Instant Articles perform, and monetize, compared to articles elsewhere.

Beumala added that after the initial setup, Marfeel customers can have Instant Articles published automatically from the content on their site. At the same time, he said different publishers are experimenting with different approaches, such as posting popular articles to your own website first, then sending it to Facebook a little later.

“Being that most of our traffic is driven by social media, the solution Marfeel has delivered for easily getting up to speed with Facebook Instant Articles is a huge advantage,” said Richard Metzger, publisher of the pop-culture website Dangerous Minds, in a statement. “It’s allowed us to integrate Instant Articles into our mobile site simply and smoothly. And what’s more, it carries our existing monetization strategy over to Instant Articles, allowing us to avoid what otherwise would have been a painful process.”