releases video collaboration extension for Adobe Premiere Pro today launched for Adobe Premiere Pro, an extension that will enable video editors to use the video collaboration tool inside the video-editing program.

When CEO Emery Wells asked me to join the beta program for the company’s Premiere extension, I jumped at the chance.

The ability to respond to changes from within Premiere while editing creates a more efficient workflow. For example, it enables me to export directly from my edit sequence to and add collaborators easily.

After using for Premiere Pro for the past month I’ve been really impressed. has really nailed the experience and the functionality that editors need and want.

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After installing the extension I barely use the actual web application anymore. I can export and upload with one click, which is my most used functionality. The Premiere extension is perfect for editors, and the web application is great for customers/clients. The two work really well together.

I’ve been using since it first came out in October. Over that time I’ve gotten the entire TechCrunch video team on board with the platform, because it is just such a better alternative to products like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive. And it’s built by editors specifically for editors.

Last year I edited probably over 500 videos for TechCrunch and so I have to be as efficient as possible when it comes to cranking out video after video.

Every key click and mouse move counts, so anything that reduces steps that I have to gather feedback, distribute media and collaborate with people across the country is something that is needed in my profession. In short, I probably use every single day.

The company made a pretty snazzy video to highlight the features in the Adobe Premiere extension. Check it out below.