Sprig founder Gagan Biyani on trying to build the largest healthy and organic restaurant

As Sprig continues on its path to make the world’s largest healthy and organic food chain, Gagan Biyani has a lot to say about the food industry.

Since his appearance at TC Disrupt, where he pledged that his company would kill fast food as it currently exists; make braised kale more accessible and build the world’s largest restaurant; Biyani has learned a few things about growing a restaurant business.

Not only is the current food market unhealthy for the consumer, its underutilizing technology in most cases, says Biyani. He points to companies like Chipotle as finding a newer business model to crack the code on optimization of revenue per square feet. In this interview, Biyani also discusses how a delivery model can shape menu selection, and which foods maintain their quality and appearance on delivery. Some foods just can’t survive the drive.

In addition to a wealth of dietary knowledge, Biyani has also raised 9 rounds of funding with both Sprig and his previous company Udemy. He has some choice words for entrepreneurs about how to ensure that investors stick around when the going gets tough and how to relate a corporate vision to skeptical investors.