Sense A Life is a car seat monitor that could save a life

It’s actually easier than some can imagine to leave a child behind in a car. Sense A Life aims to stop this from happening by acting as a warning to warn parents and caregivers of a child left behind in a car.

There are two parts to the device and the founders say it takes about 30 seconds to install and set up. One part sticks to the side of the driver’s seat while a sensor is installed on the side of the car seat. When the driver exits the car, and a certain amount of time passes, the driver is alerted that the child is still in the car.

There are similar devices on the market, but Sense A Life seems to be one of the more complete offerings. The founders are looking for $50,000 on Kickstarter and aim to ship the device in December.

Car seat maker Evenflo currently makes and sells a car with a similar system. With Evenflo a box is plugged into a car’s OBD and the sensor is integrated into the seat’s chest clip. Because of this placement, the system will alert the caregiver if the clip is unbuckled in addition to if the child is left behind in the car.

The Sense A Life solution seemingly works with nearly any car seat, and looks easy enough to swap between seats on the fly if needed. It’s probably hard for some to understand the need for such a device yet as a parent of two and frequent caregiver of other children, I can attest that sometimes parents need a little help. Don’t judge.