Rapchat makes me the rapper I always knew I was

We covered Rapchat a little bit earlier this year, and I finally decided it was time to take it for a spin. I know I’ve got sweet rapping skills, and I know when it’s time to lay a sick beat and spit some fire, so that’s why I’m doing this in-depth review of Rapchat.

Rapchat is an app that lets you pick a beat from a library, rap over the beat and easily share it internally on Rapchat. People can then comment on your raps and “like” them, and you can try getting them to trend on the charts. You can also easily share your songs on SoundCloud or Twitter, or send a link to anyone.

Watch this full video of my breakdown of Rapchat.

Things that I like

  • Getting started quickly and start recording right away.
  • The app is well-designed, keeping it simple and straightforward.
  • You have the ability to either freestyle into the mic or you can write your raps down to read while rapping.
  • You have options to rap through the speakerphone or using the phone while wearing headphones.
  • It’s nice being able to send a link directly to the song so people don’t have to have the app to listen to it.

Things that can be improved

  • There needs to be the ability to download the music that is recorded.
  • I want to be able to rewind or fast-forward through the music I just created. It only plays and stops at this moment.
  • Ability to pick different genres of rap music background — gangster rap, slower rap, faster-paced stuff, island feel — instead of just a list of everything.
  • Upload beats to Rapchat that people can rap over. A user-submitted rap beat would be cool as an option.

Rapchat is a really fun app. There are so many beats to pick from, and if you like rapping and just doing whatever you want, it’s not a bad app to play with. You can view a couple of the full raps that I made here, here and here to get a taste of the kind of raps that you’ll have to go up against.

I’ll probably get some hate for my sweet sweet raps but that’s fine because you can hate the playa, but you can never hate the game. Mom’s Spaghetti.