Here’s the first full trailer for the next Star Wars movie, Rogue One

Hey. You. On the computer. You heard about this Star Wars thing? I’m told it’s pretty popular with the kids these days. It’s a movie series, you see, about ——


It might seem like the hype train for the last Star Wars movie is just starting to slow (the home release of Force Awakens was two days ago, after all), but the next Star Wars movie is right around the corner. It’s coming out December 16th, 2016.

“Next” in order of release, at least — but not in terms of the story’s timeline. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will actually take place immediately before A New Hope… just don’t expect them to put the word “prequel” anywhere near this one, lest they accidentally drudge up memories of Jar Jar Binks punching you repeatedly in the heart.

Rogue One will be the first Star Wars Anthology film, meant to be a stand-alone story that ties back to the main series but not directly a part of it. In this case, they’re explaining how the rebels got their hands on the plans for the Death Star.

Hours after releasing ONE FRIGGIN’ SECOND of the movie as a sort of trailer-for-the-trailer, the first full trailer for Rogue One is here. And it’s amazing.