Clutter on-demand storage services packs up $20 million from Sequoia

Clutter, the on-demand storage space looking to take on the likes of MakeSpace, has today announced the close of a $20 million Series B round led by Sequoia Capital.

Sequoia also led a $9 million Series A for Clutter back in October.

The premise behind Clutter is simple.

Almost everyone that lives in a metropolitan area, whether it’s a shoebox apartment in New York or a house in Orange County, needs some form of storage. But shopping for the right storage space for your things, and then lugging it to and from the storage unit, is a pain in the ass.

Clutter aims to fix this by encompassing the whole storage/moving process. Things like Christmas decorations and off-season clothes can be put in bins that Clutter provides. All the user has to do is snap pictures of their items through the app so they know which bin contains what items.

But Clutter goes beyond bins, employing W2 professionals to take care of larger items like wall-mounted TVs and furniture.

Clutter also deals with pricing in a way that makes more sense to the consumer. Usually, storage spaces price out their packages by square foot, but most people don’t know exactly how many square feet they need. For example, the company offers the Item Plan at $7/month (which covers a few boxes), the Closet Plan for $75/month, the Garage Plan (which fits everything that can go in a one-car garage) for $175/month, all the way to the Studio Plan and Apartment Plan.

But what really sets Clutter apart is the way it handles the back-end of its business. Instead of spending most of its capital on leasing entire warehouses, Clutter signs deal with pre-existing warehouses for just a section of the space within the building.

As the company grows in various geographic markets, it starts leasing a greater and greater chunk of that building until it’s time to get a dedicated Clutter space.

Users can have stuff picked up or dropped off within a 24-hour window.

Clutter currently operates in most of California, covering Santa Barbara all the way down to San Diego, as well as the entirety of the Bay Area. The company is also available in New York and New Jersey.

You can learn more about Clutter here.