Apple will sell Apple Watch Hermès bands separately

If you’re like me, you bought an Apple Watch before Apple announced the Hermès special edition in September, but you’ve fallen in love with the Apple Watch Hermès since then — yes, the Hermès Watch looks awesome. And yet, it’s hard to justify buying a new Apple Watch if you already have one. Apple will now let you buy Hermès bands separately. The company is also adding a new collection of single tour and double tour Hermès bands.

The Apple Watch Hermès has been a rare, expensive fashion accessory as bands are going to be priced accordingly, from $340 to $690. But it’s still going to be cheaper to buy a stainless steel Apple Watch with a nylon band ($549 or $599) and a separate Hermès band.

The Apple Watch Hermès is available in selected Apple Stores, Hermès stores, a few other stores (such as Colette) and on Apple’s and Hermès’ websites. I couldn’t find the bands online just yet, but it’s coming. Apple is probably going to roll out the bands with the new variants on April 19.

Single tour bands in 38mm and 42mm are going to cost $340. All double tour variants are going to be priced at $490. And finally, the iconic brown leather Hermès Cuff band is going to cost $690.

Apple is also adding new colors on April 19. In addition to brown, gray, black, red and blue, Hermès is going to produce green, white, orange and dark blue bands (bleu paon, blanc, feu and bleu saphir).

Orange is the dominant color in Hermès’ branding, so the company is finally adding orange to the lineup. The handcuff band is going to be available only in brown. Double tour bands are only available for the 38mm Apple Watch.

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And finally, you’ll still be able to buy a complete style with a brown leather band and a stainless steel Apple Watch. Hermès has been using brown leather with a white seam for its mechanical watches. The company is reusing the same design paired with an Apple Watch. The seam on other bands shares the same color as the band itself (except the “Bleu Jean” blue one). Hermès is making the straps in its French tannery.

Watch bands are a key element behind Apple’s strategy when it comes to the Apple Watch. Many users already swap their bands regularly. If the company can refresh the band lineup regularly, enthusiastic customers are going to buy new bands.

In addition to this ever-changing trend element, the Apple and Hermès partnership is smart as it legitimizes the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory. And it’s working for me because I think the Hermès bands look gorgeous. So I’ll have to revisit this tweet from October…