Senders gives you more context for the recipients and senders in email

The advent of email tracking has caused quite a bit of a ruckus, and is generally creepy. A NY-based startup called One More Company made an attempt to tackle this head-on with a service called Trackbuster, but now they’re interested in something else: “enhancing emails” by adding relevant and contextual info.

Senders says that using Google OAuth and not sourcing public personal info (Instagram, Facebook) keeps the service safe.

Called Senders, the email service creates a sort of contact card within emails, including social networks, a short bio, photo, company address and other relevant info. Thus, performing searches on the person(s) within your emails can be easier, if not rendered moot, since Senders will fetch and catalog most of the publicly available information for you — all within the email correspondence.

An example of Senders working on the first try, with my own corporate email address can be seen below:


For those concerned about personal information that would become too easily available within the card, there is a way to stay elusive: a user can edit the information that Senders will display. By verifying your email, you can make edits to the card. For my own, I added more relevant information while also making some corrections — like using my own Twitter account and not the site’s. Best of all, the reverse can be done where details within the card can be whittled down to almost none.

Senders is currently in open beta and accepting sign-ups now, so potential users can see whether or not it’s useful for daily emailing.