Domino’s now lets you order pizza just by launching an app – no clicking required

Hungry? Lazy? Domino’s has the app for you. The company today unveiled a new mobile application that lets you place an order simply by launching the app on your phone. No clicking necessary.

The delivery chain keeps coming up with new – and yes, sometimes gimmicky – ways to make ordering pizza easier and quicker, and this new “Zero Click” app is no exception. To date, the company has already launched a number of digital experiments ranging from a “tweet to order” system on Twitter and, more recently, a way to order just by talking to your connected speaker, the Amazon Echo.

In this case, “zero click” means just what you think. The new app doesn’t require any input at all, beyond your initial sign-in the first time you use it.

Instead, you simply launch the app when you want pizza. And then…

Yeah, that’s it.

Pizza comes.

To be clear, simply launching the app doesn’t immediately place the order.

To stave off accidental clicks, there’s a 10-second countdown that first displays. However, if you don’t push the button to stop the timer, your order is placed with your local delivery chain. A screen then appears with your order confirmation.

I mean, it really doesn’t get any easier than this. What’s next? I just have to think about pizza and it arrives?

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Okay, okay. There’s a little more involved behind the scenes that makes Domino’s Zero Click work so well.

The app, like the other Domino’s initiatives, requires consumers to first create an account on and then create what the company calls a “Pizza Profile.” This profile includes your favorite pizza order (e.g. a large pepperoni), along with other important information like your phone number, delivery address, and credit card details.

This information, also known as your “Easy Order,” is then provided to whichever digital ordering system you decide to use. Today, that’s a pretty extensive list, as it turns out.

In addition to the desktop web and mobile, Domino’s supports ordering via SMS, Twitter, Samsung Smart TVs, Ford Sync, smartwatches like Android Wear and Pebble, and its own native mobile app, where you can chat with its virtual assistant Dom by voice.

This is all part of Domino’s “Anywhere” platform – the company’s tech initiative to bring pizza ordering to consumers no matter where they are – on their phones, watching TV, in a car, etc.

While some of these efforts produce giggles – tweeting a pizza emoji? – there’s some indication that Domino’s embrace of technology is working to impact its bottom line. The company claims that its emphasis on technology helped generate over 50 percent of U.S. sales from digital channels at the end of 2015, and helped reach an estimated $4.7 billion annually in global digital sales.

Domino’s also tells us that over half of its national television campaign topics last year were also directly related to digital initiatives.

Easier ordering is not the only tech initiative the chain has in store. The company also recently unveiled a crazy pizza delivery vehicle, the Domino’s DXP, which is a tricked-out Chevy Spark with a warming oven built-in. 100 of these cars are in production and will serve as mobile advertisements while also delivering orders to customers in Boston, Detroit, Houston, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle. In addition, Domino’s is working on its first digital customer loyalty program, “Piece of the Pie Rewards.”

The new Zero Click mobile application is live now on both iOS and Android.