Gone launches marketplace for verified, used electronics

Gone, the on-demand service for selling all your old crap, is making some changes to its business today, and launching a verified second-hand electronics marketplace.

Usually, Gone will come and pick up your old stuff, list it on one of the many marketplaces already available out there, and try to get you the best price. Once the deal is done, they send you a check in the mail.

But with today’s launch, Gone will actually have its own marketplace to sell products to folks, promising that each item has been inspected and described accurately to the buyer.

In smaller news, Gone is launching its Concierge service in Manhattan.

Gone has two businesses. The first is Gone Concierge, where an actual Gone messenger comes to your house, packs up the junk you want to sell, and takes care of the whole process in a single visit. But Gone wanted to expand more rapidly than the Concierge model would allow, which gave birth to Gone Lite.

Gone Lite lets users outside of Gone’s main markets, Austin, Seattle and the Bay Area, receive a shipment of packing materials and shipping labels to send off their own stuff.

According to CrunchBase, Gone has raised a total of $1.9 million. You can learn more about Gone right here.