Samir Arora is stepping down as CEO of Mode Media

Samir Arora, the longtime CEO of Mode Media, is stepping down, replaced by interim CEO Jack Rotolo.

Rotolo has spent more than a decade serving in a number of roles at the company, most recently president of global sales and business operations.

“Mode Media is poised to redefine social content for brands thanks in large part to Samir Arora’s dedication and vision,” Rotolo said in a statement. “I am very excited about the opportunity to guide Mode Media forward as the leading social content and video platform for brands.”

Mode was started back in 2003 (Arora was one of the founders) and was known for most of its history as Glam Media — the same name as its flagship fashion site. Over time, it expanded into other areas with new sites like Bliss and Foodie, and with the acquisition of social platform Ning. (Marc Andreessen joined the Glam board as part of the deal.) Most recently, it launched a social news platform where users browse stories and videos shared by content curators.

A few years ago, the company was also reported to have secretly filed for an initial public offering, but the IPO never materialized.

While Arora is stepping down as CEO, he will continue to serve on Mode’s board of directors.