Bkstg launches to directly connect musicians with their fans

There are countless ways to connect with famous musicians, whether it’s following them on Instagram and Snapchat or buying tickets to all of their public appearances. But on either side of the spectrum, from the passive follow to the active stalking, the connection between fan and celebrity is minimal.

Bkstg is looking to change all that, not only for fans but for artists.

Bkstg is its own platform, created by Ran Harnevo, that lets artists own the entire experience of connecting with their fans, from posting videos and photos, selling tickets, and selling merchandise.

The idea here is that artists often don’t have information about their fans or followers that can foster their connection. For example, five to ten percent of a fan base will often drive 80 percent of total revenue for a particular artists, according to Bkstg.

But given the current tools, like Instagram and Twitter and SeatGeek for tickets, these artists have no way to identify who that top five to ten percent is.

Bkstg gives artists a full dashboard to show interaction on the consumer side. They can see who is buying tickets, who is engaging with content, and who is watching exclusive videos and listening to exclusive tracks.

Once that top five or ten percent is established, artists can specifically target those customers with exclusive experiences, messages, tickets and merchandise.

But Bkstg isn’t just about targeting those top revenue fans, but for creating new ones. For example, an artist on tour can send a geo-fenced message out on Bkstg to offer discounted tickets that haven’t sold yet.

Bkstg has been operating mostly in stealth right now, but is about to launch both on iOS and Android with more than sixty artists. Some of these artists include Aerosmith, Becky G, Justin Bieber, Usher, Daughtry, and Maroon 5.

The platform is free to use for both artists (which are curated onto the platform) and users, but Bkstg takes a “technology fee” for each transaction that occurs on the Bkstg app, from tickets to merchandise to exclusive live broadcasts.

You can learn more about Bkstg here.