Microsoft now lets developers embed Power BI visualizations into their own apps

Power BI is Microsoft’s tool for analyzing data and building interactive data-based dashboards and reports. At its Build developer conference in San Francisco, the company today announced the preview of Power BI Embedded. With this, developers will be able to integrate Power BI and its interactive dashboards right into their own apps.

Power BI already allowed developers to push data directly from their existing apps to the service through an API. Instead of having to go through the Power BI apps, though, they can now build virtually the same functionality right into their own apps with the help of Power BI’s new SDK. They will be able to choose from the same catalog of visualizations already available in Power BI and customize them to fit their own needs.


Users, of course, will not have to buy Power BI. For them, the visuals will just look like any other part of the app.

Similar to Microsoft’s other Azure-based services, the company will only charge developers for what they use. You can find the detailed pricing information here.

This move also opens up Power BI to use cases outside of the enterprise. If you want to offer your users a sleep-tracking app, for example, you will now be able to use Power BI’s visualization to power this.