Atlassian’s Bitbucket Server gets support for code search

Bitbucket Server, Atlassian’s self-hosted Git version control service, and Bitbucket Data Center are getting a small but potentially very useful feature in preview. The new early access version of Bitbucket now features the ability to search for code in your repositories.

With this, you will be able to quickly find a code snippet (or maybe the source of a cryptic error message you once added to your code) in your git repository.

Bitbucket competitors GitHub and Gitlab feature similar search features, so to some degree, Bitbucket is really playing catch-up here. Still, if you are a Bitbucket user, this is clearly a very useful feature addition. Bitbucket users, after all, have been asking for search support for a very long time now.

Like its competitors, Bitbucket allows you to filter results by language and file extension. You can also use search operators like AND, OR and NOT.

As Atlassian tells me, the new search tools are not yet available in the hosted version of Bitbucket yet. It’s a safe guess that the company will soon integrate search there, too, though.