Retro gaming fans rejoice: Atari Vault is on Steam with 100 games

Longing for the days of the sticky floored arcades of your youth and long nights spent with the Atari 2600, but can’t be bothered to dig through your mum’s basement to find all the bits and bobs to throw yourself into a retro-gaming binge? Aren’t you in some industrial-strength luck. Available starting today on Steam, Atari Vault gives you 100 retro games to while away a rainy weekend.

What's not to love...

What’s not to love…

The game vault includes several Asteroids, Breakout, Championship Soccer, Dodge-Em, Double Dunk, Millipede (both the 2600 and the arcade versions), Outlaw, the original Pong arcade version, Sub Commander, Super Breakout, and, well, another 90 or so more games.

The selection is heavily skewed toward Atari 2600 games, but there’s a fist-full of arcade versions as well, to keep things interesting. If you have a Steam Controller squirreled away somewhere, you can get the full arcade trackball experience on games like Centipede, too.

Whenever I hear “Atari” my heart rate shoots up, my right hand cramps up into a joystick-shaped claw and my eyes start to water in anticipation of the all-nighters of days gone by, so spending $16.99 on 100 of the old classics seems like a bargain. You’ve got to be quick, however: the price will be bouncing back up to $19.99 when the introduction offer expires.

The only downside? Atari Vault is only available for Windows, so if you haven’t a gaming box sitting around running Microsoft’s Finest, you’re up Sith creek without a light saber.

Still need a bit of help to convince yourself? At the introductory price of $17, even if you only spend 20 minutes with each game, that’s still just $0.50 per hour of entertainment. You’ve spent money on dumber things, and you know it.