Visionary VR grabs $6M to power virtual story creation

When it comes to producing beautiful, immersive content for VR on a PC, everything can be a bit confusing.

Visionary VR, an LA based story creation software company, is looking to create a more intuitive manner for content creators to build and simultaneously experience their stories without leaving their headsets. The company is hoping to take advantage of the massive influx of developers and creators looking at VR thanks to the imminent consumer releases of major virtual reality headsets.

The company just pulled off a $6 million Series A led by DFJ Ventures. DFJ partner Bubba Muraka will nab a seat on Visionary VR’s board.

This round, which is the company’s first major funding since a $580k angel/friends and family round, will allow the company to further “accelerate and build” their commercial software suite Visionary VR co-founder Jonnie Ross tells me. “DFJ invests in companies that are crazy enough to change everything and we’re one of those companies,” said Ross.

In addition to a laundry list of individual investors, the oversubscribed round also included participation from the Venture Reality Fund, BDMI, GC VR Gaming Tracker Fund, Vayner/RSE and End Cue.

Visionary VR didn’t tell me what the current iteration of their software was looking like, though they indicated it had seen some changes from the experience it showed off early last year. Though the co-founders specified the changes were a “natural evolution,” they also expressed that their product continued to be “a completely new storytelling process.”

“Today, only expert-level developers can create VR stories,” said Gil Baron, CEO of Visionary VR, in a statement. “We’re going to change that.”