Here, the live audio listening system, gets an Apple Watch app

Here, the in-ear system that lets you live tune the audio around you, has today announced the launch of an Apple Watch app.

The company, Doppler Labs, originally launched with Dubs, mechanical ear plugs meant to help lower the volume (but maintain the quality) of live music. Shortly after, Doppler Labs launched Here on Kickstarter. Here is essentially a computer in your ears.

Rather than offering special headphones that stream music from your mobile device, the Here system has no headphone functionality whatsoever. Instead, it lets you change the volume and add effects to the audio around you. For example, you could turn up or down the volume at a live music show or turn on noise canceling to lower the ambient noise of an open office.

Doppler Labs cofounder Noah Kraft explained that the purpose of Here is to let technology get out of the way.

“That’s a big reason we launched the Apple Watch,” said Kraft. “We don’t want people to have to pull out their phones all the time. With the new Apple Watch app, they can control the Here system from their wrist.”

This is important considering that Here has struck a deal with Coachella to offer the Here listening system to everyone at the show so they can live tune their music. The Apple Watch app will solve the problem of people having to take out their phone every time they switch tents or go from listening to music to having a conversation.

The Here Watch app lets users change the volume using the crown of the Apple Watch. It also lets users switch between effects and pre-sets on their wrist, and press a single bypass button to take off all of the filters and effects when going from listening to music to a conversation.

Here also won Best of Show at SXSW this year.

The company is using festivals like SXSW and Coachella as a final testing grounds for the product before going mass market in both retail and manufacturing.

You can learn more about Here right here.