Apple TV gets support for folders, dictation and Live Photos

Apple today announced a couple of updates for its Apple TV platform, including support for folders, dictation, Live Photos in the iCloud Photo library and Siri support in the App Store.

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced there are now 5,000 apps available for the Apple TV. He singled out a few apps, including BrainPOP, GrubHub, the HBO Now app and a workout app.

Maybe the most interesting update here is support for dictation. While the Apple TV remote is pretty nice, it’s not exactly meant for typing. Now, you can use your voice to enter text on your Apple TV, but maybe most importantly, you can also use this for usernames and passwords. “You’re really going to love it,” Cook enthused.

Apple’s other voice-driven technology, Siri, also received an update on the Apple TV. It’s not a huge step forward, but you can now use Siri to search the App Store, too.

Folders do exactly what you think they would. Just like on your phone, you can now organize your apps in folders. In its early versions, Apple TV really didn’t need folders — there were only a few apps available after all — but with 5,000 apps in the store, it’s becoming a necessity.

In addition to these updates, the iCloud Photo library on Apple TV now supports Live Photos.

Apple says the update with this new feature will start rolling out today.