Apple shows off new Apple Watch accessories, including a new Woven Nylon band

Apple CEO Tim Cook today unveiled a new spring lineup of Apple Watch bands as part of the company’s smartwatch announcements, which also included a price drop to $299 in an effort to make the Watch more accessible to a wider demographic. In addition to an expanded lineup of Sport and leather bands in a wider variety of colors, Apple also introduced a new Woven Nylon band and, as previously rumored, a Space Black Milanese Loop band.

The new NATO-style nylon band, however, is the first of its kind for Apple Watch, where the others were expansions on the previous lineup. This watch band offers “a unique four-layer construction,” noted Cook, as part of the brief announcement. In terms of fashion, this band is a good fit for those who want something that can be more casual — but it’s not quite as sporty as the Sport band.

Cook also stressed the importance of variety when it comes to these swappable bands, saying that “about a third of our Apple Watch wearers regularly change their bands.”

From the first glimpse of the nylon band, it appears that it will be available in brighter colors, like pink, blue and an organge-ish yellow. The company didn’t get into much detail about the new band on stage, but as the Apple store came back online this afternoon, it revealed that the Woven Band would be priced the same as the Sport Band at $49, and would come in seven different colors, gold/red, gold/royal blue, royal blue, pink, pearl, scuba blue, and black.

Meanwhile, the black Milanese band addition was previously leaked as being announced today, and is one of the more highly anticipated additions to the lineup. New Hermès bands were also rumored, but did not make an appearance on stage.

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