WhaToDo offers last-minute deals on attractions, shows, tours and more

There are a number of ways to find a last-minute travel deal, whether that’s from a big-name ticket booking engine like Kayak, or a service that specializes in finding last-minute discounts like HotelTonight or newly launched Overnight. Today, an early player in this space, Last Minute Travel, is bringing that same ability to snag a cheap ticket to another area in the travel space: attractions, tours, events, and activities.

The company is today launching its new app, WhaToDo, which will connect last-minute travelers with entertainment opportunities available in the town they’re visiting.

The idea here is that those people who are booking last-minute flights and hotel stays may also be looking for last-minute tickets to things to do at their destination. This could include area tourist attractions, sporting events, shows, dining options, transfers, and much more.

With the app, travelers will have access to tens of thousands of activities and events in over 4,500 cities around the world. The app also includes access to exclusive Last Minute Travel perks, like VIP access and priority seating, the company notes.

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The app itself is simple to use. WhaToDo will immediately identify nearby activities upon first launch, and provide a map of those available in the local area.

However, you can also enter in a destination ahead of your arrival in order to begin searching for things to do, and you can filter searches by name, price or proximity. Plus, you can choose to browse by categories at the top of the screen – these show the different types of activities (shows, attractions, tours, etc.) as well as those that are most popular. On each activity’s page, meanwhile, there’s a description and details, photos, and a map, along with pricing information.

In addition, the app offers the ability to book these travel activities at wholesale rates – those normally reserved for agents. That means you could be able to get a better deal than if you bought the tickets directly, like at the ticket window upon walkup, for example.

The booking process itself is also easy – it only takes four clicks to complete. And the app is capable of changing currency options from the U.S. dollar to the euro or British Pound, so you can better plan your spending. If you need help with your booking, WhaToDo offers 24/7 customer service, the company notes, including on holidays.

The app is live now and is a free download on iOS and Android.