Managed By Q gives five percent of the company equity to its Operators

Managed By Q, the company that lets you order on-demand cleaning services, IT help, handyman work and more all from an iPad in the office, has today announced a new stock option plan for its office and field Operators.

The program, which will give back 5 percent of the company to Operators, applies to all employees of the company, regardless of role, starting on July 1, and the program will continue every year after that, according to CEO and cofounder Dan Teran.

Managed By Q is a pretty simple, though difficult-to-execute, idea. The company installs a special wall-mounted iPad in each office that signs up. Through the software on that iPad, users can order scheduled cleaning and maintenance in the office, including everything from a paint job on the walls to help with IT.

Q then sends office Operators to the location to complete the requested tasks, like stocking up the fridge, bathrooms, and cleaning.

What’s more interesting is that Managed By Q is one of the first companies to offer W2 employment to its office Operators.

Today, the company takes a step beyond that to offer stock options to those Operators.

Here’s what Teran had to say about it in a prepared release:

The Operator Stock Option Program provides real ownership in the company for the people working tirelessly to make it a reality. Our mission at Q is to make the world work better, not just for our clients, but for everyone.

Alongside the stock option plan, Q also offers a wide swath of benefits to its workers, including paid healthcare, 401k, bonuses, paid time off, career development programs and more.

This transition by Q comes at a time when the future of work is up for debate.

Some on-demand companies like Uber and Handy have faced legal troubles over the fact that their drivers and cleaners are employed on a 1099 basis, which is essentially contractor work. These employees are paid based on the amount of work they put in, without access to extra benefits or security.

Other companies, like Shyp, have transitioned their workforce over to W2 to avoid just such a struggle, and to ensure that the quality of service can remain high through employees that are invested in their jobs.

You can learn more about Managed By Q here.