Atomico is raising a $750M fourth fund

Atomico, a London-based venture firm that invests across sectors and stages in startups that are largely located in Europe’s fastest growing tech hubs — particularly London, Stockholm, Helsinki and Berlin — is raising a $750 million fund, shows an SEC filing. The firm has also confirmed the total to us.

The amount is a sizable step up from Atomico’s third fund, which closed with $476.6 million in 2013.

Atomico’s team includes Niklas Zennstrom (who founded Atomico and cofounded Skype previously), Mattias Ljungman, Hiro Tamura, Haroldo Korte, Yann DeVries, and Siraj Khaliq, who previously founded The Climate Corporation. (Khaliq very recently joined Atomico.)

Atomico also recently expanded its Entrepreneur Partner program, which is akin to other firms’ entrepreneur-in-residence programs. Among the founders who are currently working with Atomico on future investments are Alexander Asseily, who cofounded Jawbone and State; Brent Hoberman, who cofounded and; and Ilkka Paananen and Mikko Kodisoja, co-founders of Supercell.

Some of Atomico’s biggest bets to date include the Finnish game makers Rovio and Supercell. It was also an early investor in Climate Corp., which looked at data like historic rainfall and soil quality to help farmers predict crop yields and that sold to Monsanto for roughly $1 billion in 2013. The startup had raised $109 million altogether; Atomico led its $4.3 million angel round in 2007 with Index Ventures.

Photo of Niklas Zennstrom courtesy of IVA.