Strap a parachute onto your drone with the ParaZero SafeAir

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Drones are expensive and crashes are inevitable. ParaZero has a solution: A parachute. With the ParaZero SafeAir product, a drone is fitted with a capsule containing a parachute that’s effective at very low altitudes and deploys in under a second. The company says the system works without user intervention so it should deploy when your drone decides to take a ride around the block and suddenly runs out of battery.

Right now the system is designed for hobbyist drones and the first SafeAir product to hit the market will be for the 3DR Solo. The company has worked with DJI in the past, too, and eventually hopes to expand its products into the premium and professional markets. It sees this system as a sort of airbag for the skies.

The company was founded in 2012 by a group of avionic professionals to address drone safety. Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero, tells TechCrunch that the company has developed a parachute deploying platform that can work with small, hobbyist drones to large, commercial drones weighing hundreds of kilos. ParaZero even developed a system for Martin Jetpacks.

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“It’s clear that drones are set to play a major role in our future, whether they are used as aerial cameras, rapid delivery systems, or for private enjoyment. In light of this, ensuring that these devices are operated safely and protecting individuals and property on the ground is paramount,” said Attias. “Our system provides a reliable solution for the industry, just like an airbag, that acts automatically, whether there is a critical malfunction or a loss of power. Most importantly, our system works rapidly and at very low altitudes ensuring maximum effectiveness.”

ParaZero started fundraising about three months ago to scale its operations. It’s clearly on to something and companies flying large and seriously expensive drones will likely look to similar systems for added insurance against loss or crashes.