Here’s the future of augmented reality, according to indie science fiction film Creative Control

The first generation of Google Glass may have fizzled out, but the idea of a headset that connects you to the online world is still kind of sexy (and maybe a little unsettling), as shown by this new clip from the upcoming film Creative Control.

Directed by Benjamin Dickinson, Creative Control depicts the lives of New Yorkers “5 minutes in the future” and centers on a high-tech ad campaign for Augmenta, a fictional line of augmented reality glasses. (The Hollywood Reporter described the film as “a hipster take on the way technology threatens to isolate us instead of bringing us closer together.”)

Amazon Studios and Magnolia Pictures, which are releasing Creative Control in select theaters this Friday, March 11, provided us with a clip showing how the main character David (played by Dickinson) uses the glasses. It’s all rather mundane — but I suspect that if augmented reality takes off, that’s how it will actually fit into our lives. The clip also gives you a taste of what I’m assuming is the relatively low-key way the film incorporates technology and special effects.

Amazon acquired the rights to stream Creative Control, though there’s no date set for that yet. And if you’re hopeful/fearful about more Google Glass, well, apparently that’s in the works.