The world’s top VR director Chris Milk will wow us at Disrupt NY

New mediums mint new rock stars, and for virtual reality it’s Chris Milk. From surreal dreamscapes to #BlackLivesMatter protests to Jordanian refugee camps, he’s created some of the most mind-bending and inspiring VR experiences yet. I knew he was the real deal when I got hit by a train that turned into a thousand birds in a vision he designed.

As the founder and creative director of VR storytelling company Vrse, Milk has worked with Apple, Vice, The New York Times, The United Nations and more. He made his name concocting music videos for Kanye West, Arcade Fire, Beck, Jack White, U2 and Johnny Cash.

Now Milk turns headsets like Oculus into empathy machines, allowing us to gain new perspectives on the world and new compassion for those with whom we share it. And during Disrupt NY (May 9-11), Milk will give attendees a peek at the possibilities that lay ahead for virtual reality.

A preview of some VR experiences created by Chris Milk

Cinema. Gaming. Documentary. Art. All are confronting new frontiers in VR. Milk will be our navigator. His work has already been shown at MoMA and the Tate Modern museums. But what are the opportunities for the next generation of VR directors and businesses?

We’ll discuss what needs to happen for VR to escape the tech demo phase and start delivering more than novelty. He’ll address how storytelling techniques must change to unlock the choose-your-own-adventure potential of VR. And we’ll dig into what tools and content styles are ripe for investment or development.

Plus, there may be a surprise or two in store for the audience.

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