The SkyWall 100 bazooka captures drones with a giant net

The SkyWall 100 is one of the latest device promising to protect the world from the impending drone takeover. It’s essentially a smart bazooka that fires a canister filled with a net at drones 100 meters away. Boom headshot.

An operator targets the drone and fires a canister that contains a large net that gets tangled in the drone’s rotors. A parachute then delivers the drone back to earth in a civilized manner. OpenWorks Engineering is the company behind the device and is marketing the device to protect sensitive events and buildings. This isn’t something meant to protect your home from snooping neighbors.

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The shoulder-mounted device uses an intelligent system that locks onto a drone, assisting the operator in firing and targeting. The scope identifies and then calculates a firing pattern based on the drone’s distance and vector. The technology sounds a lot like the systems in TrackingPoint’s smart guns that lets anyone get a bullseye on a target hundreds of meters away.

The company is also announcing the SkyWall 200, a semi-permanent launcher mounted on a tripod and offers increased range over the SkyWall 100. The SkyWall 300 is a turret-like device designed to be permanently installed. The company says tracking and detection is built into the 300 and operators can control the device remotely.

As drone technology advances, anti-drone technology has followed suited. SkyWall’s solution combine’s brute force with a bleeding edge tracking system. Other devices use radio waves to disrupt the targeted drone’s communications while other systems still use larger drones to capture smaller drones.

SkyWall has not released the price for their systems yet but says it will be available by the end of the year.