Pebble just cut the price of the Time and Time Round smartwatches

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Pebble’s latest smartwatches are now a little less cash. The Time Round is $199 and the Time is $149.

At these prices, the Pebble sits more comfortable among its competition. Fitbit’s new Blaze costs $199 and Garmin’s Vivoactive is $219. At $149 rather than $199, the Pebble Time should look a bit more attractive to its target consumers. After all, the Time is a smartwatch with some activity tracking abilities while the Blaze and Vivoactive are activity trackers with some smartwatch capabilities.

However, the svelte Time Steel is still $249 — because fashion.

This price drop could be the result of several factors. The smartwatch race is getting more competitive with more models hitting the market — but above Pebble’s price point. Second, Apple could announce a refreshed Apple Watch or price drop in the coming weeks and Pebble wanted to get ahead of the news. Or Pebble itself is about to announce a new model and needs to clear the inventory pipes prior to the announcement. Whatever the case, a Pebble Time for $149 is a great deal. It’s a solid device.

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