This BB-8 Is Made Entirely Of LEGO Parts And Actually Rolls Like BB-8 Should

Ready for your semi-regular reminder that some people are just way, way too clever?

These folks managed to make a BB-8 model…. completely out of LEGO parts. And it actually rolls. And its head actually stays in place on top, as BB-8’s head should.

One key bit here is that its creators only claim that it’s made of 100% genuine LEGO parts, not 100% LEGO blocks. Since a fistful of rectangular Lego blocks generally won’t roll too well, the builders repurposed an already-round Tatooine model from a long-retired Star Wars podracing set. Add some a bunch of parts, magnets, and wheels all stripped from other kits, and this surprisingly functional BB-8 comes together.

They even built a little basestation for BB-8 to sit on, allowing it to roll in place when you crank a wheel.

Jealous? Want one of your own? Good news! The creators have a project page up for it on Lego IDEAS, where LEGO commits to looking into any projects that hits 10,000 supporters. Less than a week after the project went live, it’s already blown past 1,000 fans, and it has well over a year to get the rest. I’m guessing it won’t take that long.

Timed right (that is, around Christmas or the release of Episode VIII), you just know this thing would sell like mad.

[LEGO Ideas via Giz]