Todoist Updates iPhone, Mac, Safari And Apple Watch Apps

If you’re a Todoist user working on Apple devices, today is a big day. The company is announcing four updates for four different Apple patforms — iOS, OS X, watchOS and Safari. The to-do list service now supports Apple’s latest features on iOS and watchOS, such as 3D Touch shortcuts, interactive notifications and Apple Watch complication widgets.

Let’s start with iOS. On the iPhone 6s, creating tasks is faster thanks to 3D Touch. You can now deep press on the home screen icon to create a task in one tap. Inside the app, you can peek and pop at URLs in tasks and comments.

While I don’t collaborate with other people on projects using Todoist, the service has supported task comments for a while. Now, whenever you get a notification from your coworker, you can reply to their comment from the notification. Todoist for iOS now also supports task search and deep linking in Spotlight. Finally, the company improved iPad Pro support.

When it comes to the Apple Watch, it’s a big update. The company switched to a watchOS 2.0 app, meaning that the Todoist app now runs natively on your Watch. The app is now more reliable and has a couple of new features. You can add a complication to your watch face to see your next task or the number of outstanding tasks.

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There are two different updates for the Mac. The OS X app finally gets support for natural language task input in the Quick Add window. I’ve been waiting for this update for a while as I can’t see myself adding tasks any other way. Going through a bunch of dropdown menu isn’t fun when you can just type “Buy cheese tomorrow at 6pm.”

And for Safari users, there’s a new browser extension. It’s another way to install a quick add task button without installing the full OS X app if you spend all your time in your browser any way.

That’s a lot of small refinements for multiple platforms. And this is key to understanding what makes Todoist stand out. Many task management tools support a handful of platforms. Todoist is available everywhere — 3 browsers, Gmail and Outlook plugins, OS X, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Whatever you’re using, chances are there’s a Todoist app that will sync your tasks.

This makes a big difference when you plan on committing to a reliable task service. You don’t want to switch to a new task service every other month, and it’s good to see Todoist updating apps on so many platforms.

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