Freewrite, The Distraction-Free Smart Typewriter, Is Now On Sale

Freewrite, a smart typewriter that originally launched on Kickstarter as the Hemingwrite, is finally ready for the spotlight.

Last year at CES the company showed us a prototype, and we were impressed.

As a refresher, the device is a single-purpose computer designed just for writing. Freewrite packs a E-Ink screen, full-size mechanical keyboard, and internal storage for over one million pages of text.

Even better, the software supports document syncing via Wi-Fi with Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive, which will make it even easier to use the device in tandem with your other digital devices.

But why would anyone want to travel back in time and use a single-purpose computer in an age where our phones can double as Holodecks and our watches can hail Ubers? Well, probably because all of those extra features can get pretty distracting, especially when you’re trying to write.

The company is hoping the Freewrite will catch the eye of both professional and aspiring writers who think they would benefit from a writing environment devoid of email, social media, and any other distractions that the internet wants to throw at you.

The Freewrite will be available today for a 24-hour flash sale at $449, after which the price will increase to $499 through March, with a final MSRP of $549. Shipments will begin this March.

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