Where Are They Now? Startup Battlefield Company PageCloud

The beauty of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Wix, Weebly and others is in the ability to create and build a complete website using just your browser. Designers are given the flexibility to make changes to their websites using simple browser-based tools, which means they don’t need to learn desktop tools like Dreamweaver or Photoshop or web programming languages like HTML and CSS.

Of course, tools like Photoshop give users a nearly unlimited ability to create, which web-based tools simply haven’t been able to match very well — at least until very recently. Last year, one of the Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield finalists — PageCloud — launched a web creation tool that combines the flexibility features of the CMS and their most beloved design tools in a single online, web-based platform.

PageCloud works like a CMS, runs in the cloud, and includes powerful design editing tools to help users customize and build exactly the site they want. One of PageCloud’s most advanced features is the drag-and-drop function, which they have taken to a completely different level. Designers can drag favorite elements from other web pages and popular editing tools right into their PageCloud designs in the browser.  

The company also reported hitting cash-flow break-even before the initial launch of its product. And since their appearance at Disrupt NY, Founder and CEO Craig Fitzpatrick shared that PageCloud had completed a successful pre-order campaign, totaling just under $1.2 million USD in orders at a $99 price point.

The company launched November 30, 2015 with 12,000 paying customers in 75 countries and has now grown to 14,000 paying customers in 100 countries in just two months, showing revenue growth rate of 20 percent month-over-month since launch. In addition to the rapid growth, they have also made some strategic partnerships, joining forces with Getty Images and Tucows, and they’re in discussions with several other well-known companies about future partnerships.  

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what’s next from this former Battlefield finalist.

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