Spotify Is Giving Free Chromecasts To New Subscribers Today


Don’t have Spotify yet? Want a Chromecast? (You should — Chromecasts are great. They were one of TechCrunch’s favorite things of 2015).


Spotify introduced a pretty solid deal this morning: sign up for three months of Spotify Premium for $30 (the normal price) and they’ll kick down a free Chromecast. And it’s one of the relatively new Chromecasts, too! They’re not just trying to get rid of a batch of old ones!

The standard catch: this deal is only for new subscribers, though there are presumably ways to blur that line if you’re feeling particularly sheisty this morning. About a week after you sign up, Spotify will send you a voucher for a Chromecast that you can use on the Google Store, where the Chromecast usually sells for $35.

Of course, this is kind of just a clever inversion of a deal that Google itself has run once or twice before: buy a Chromecast, get three months of free Spotify. But hey, free stuff!

The deal runs until February 28th, or whenever Spotify runs out of Chromecasts to give away.

You can find the deal right over here.