Combatant Gentlemen, A Runaway Startup Hit For Men’s Clothing, Launches App

Combatant Gentlemen, one of the breakout stars of a new generation of startup consumer clothing brands, has launched an app for iOS.

The men’s clothing e-tailer and content creator has been a favorite of millennial men who’re looking to upgrade their wardrobe beyond hoodies, jeans and shorts, and now those fellas have yet another way to buy the company’s traditionally inspired Italian wool suits (which start at $160).

The new app, which features a Netflix-inspired recommendation algorithm, uses data to serve up specific looks for customers based on past purchases.

The app also gives users the ability to curate entire outfits, with pieces suggested based on previous shopping behaviors and contextual information like the occasion, the color preferences, and a location-based weather forecast.

“For us, mobile isn’t only about selling product,” said Scott Raio, CTO and Co-Founder at Combat Gent in a statement. “We believe it is one of the most crucial ways to progress this company and technology altogether, and we wanted to leverage the knowledge of our design team with the data we already have from our current database to create a seamless native experience that provides the utmost value to our end customer.”

When users download the app they’ll have access to special deals like free shipping, exclusive products and early access to new items, as well as geo-targeted news from the company.

There’s also the outfit builder, and a tool that generates sizing recommendations based on height, weight, and pants size.

In addition, the app is integrated with Apple Pay so users can check out faster.

It’s yet another way that the company, which last year was generating $10 million in annual revenue, is separating men from their money.

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