Earnings Review: Groupon Spikes, Pandora Mixed and Twitter’s Flat User Growth

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It’s over! (Nearly.)

This week was the last set of big earnings reports, barring a few happening early March — Square and Box, to be exact. It was a wild week, to be sure. Groupon (surprise!) beat expectations, sending the stock soaring. Pandora was reportedly in buyout talks, and had a mixed quarter, giving the company a bouncy ride during the day.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.27.18 PM

And then there’s Twitter. Of course, this was the big one: Twitter had a mixed quarter, but more importantly its user growth was completely flat. Even so, if you exclude SMS fast followers, Twitter’s user base was slightly down. Twitter’s had a wild couple of days, though it’s up about 11% today — because Twitter, of course.

We sat down to talk a little bit about the earnings reports for the wild ride in one of the final weeks of this quarter’s earning season. It’s been a fun one, to be sure, and is setting us up for a really interesting Q2.

See you all in March!